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VoIP Quality

What level of quality can we expect?

There are many variables that can affect the quality of digital telephone service or VoIP just like there are with analog service from the telephone company. However, before we explain this in depth, let us state that 99% of users will experience quality with digital service that is equal to or superior to the analog service they secure from their local telephone company. In addition, they will have far more useful features then they receive with analog service.

Two variables that can have the biggest impact on digital quality are the software used by the provider and the internet access speed of the customer. Those using what is called DSL Lite may experience some quality issues as the amount of bandwidth they have is limited. However, if they have full-fledged DSL or cable access, any quality problems will not be due to their internet access.

Click here to see how digital or VoIP service works.

Digital service or VoIP breaks down an analog voice conversation into digital packets and sends them over the internet. Every provider uses a softswitch to ensure the call gets to where it is going and that the thousands of packets arrive in the correct order. This technology is relatively new and there are several vendors that provide the hardware and software for the softswitch. Some software works better than others. As a result some providers offer a higher quality of service than other providers. As time goes on, there will be a much smaller difference in quality, but today there is a difference.

We subscribe to a service from our competitors (which will also be your competitor) so we can consistently compare our Digital Voice to the service they provide and know what their customers experience. This allows us to know our advantages.

The largest digital service or VoIP provider in America is currently Vonage. Maybe you have seen their TV ads. We have found that our Digital Voice or VoIP service is superior to theirs. And in comparing our 24/7 customer support, we are head and shoulders above what they offer. When we have contacted Vonage's customer support they could not answer our questions and have transferred us to several people, never giving us the correct answer.

What this means is that if Vonage can grow to be the largest provider and you have the ability to offer service that is superior to theirs, how successful can you be?

Actually, Vonage can help you succeed! Why? Well, someone has to educate the market place on new technology and Vonage has invested hundreds of millions of dollars every year doing just that. Because of their investment in educating the market, you do not have to and you can secure new customers at a very low cost.

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